Lakeside Family Center - We provide quality counseling services for adults and children.
Counseling Services for Adults:
Couple Counseling:  Lakeside Family Center Counselors will help couples gain skills to manage conflict in their relationship.  Couples may need counseling services at any point in their relationship.  Couple counseling is very effective in helping couples find resolve.  We do offer couple                                                       counseling for all couples.
Individual Counseling:  Adults will seek this services for many reasons.  Consider counseling if you are struggling with depression, anxiety, grief, relationship difficulty, self esteem, and any many other concerns that are creating emotional pain.  
Counseling to help with the process of divorce:  Divorce can be one of the most difficult times in a person's life.  Counseling is effective for many  reasons.  Our counselors will help you through this process by providing counseling services, along with being a consultant as needed through the legal process of divorce and custody.

Counseling Services For TEENS (ages 12yrs-17yrs old)
Teenagers will seek counseling for issues such as:
*Skills Development
*Peer Pressure 
*Substance Abuse
*Self Destructive Behaviors
and much more.
This can be a difficult time in life.  Teen can struggle with suicide ideation, drugs, relationship problems, low self esteem, and they can have great difficulty with the transition with divorce.  If you are concern about your teenage child, talk with them about counseling services.
Many of our counselors love working with teens!  Help your teenager talk with supportive professional today.  We offer a warm, friendly environment for your teenage child.  

Counseling Services For Children (Ages 3yrs-12yrs old)
Children love to play. So that is what we do---Play! 

 Ages 3-6 years old play in our "Club House".  Their session room is filled with lots of toys including puppets, sand play, dolls, crafts, and so much more fun stuff to do.

 Ages 7-12 years old play in our "game room".  Their session room is filled with board games, crafts, game                                      table, dart                                          board, and WII                                  games.   

Children may seek services for;*Depression*Divorce*Physical/Sexual Abuse*Behavior Problems*Grief*Anxiety.  If you are a parent and you feel your child may benefit from counseling services for any reason- please don't hesitate today.  Our professional license counselors offer quality care for your child's emotional needs.


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