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*Adolescence/ Teen Group Program

True Colors is a group program to help teens develop skills to manage emotions, leadership skills, and team building skills.  Group meets 1x week.  Ask your counselor or check out our brochure located in our lobby.  You do not have to receive counseling services to participate in this program.  

Video Counseling Services

Counseling Services for Teens and Children​​

* Child Counseling Services:

We provide counseling services for children ages 3 years old and up.  Children face many issues such as abuse, divorce, adjustment to new blended family, ADHD, ADD, anxiety, bulling, social adjustments, and many more issues.  We offer 2 therapy spaces especially for children; "The Game Room" for ages 7-12 years old and "The Club House" for ages 3-6 years old.   Children communicate through play.   So we make sure to have these rooms filled with fun activities for children to participate in with their counselors.  Our expert Counselors provide a loving, nurturing experience for your child to seek help at Lakeside Family Center. 

We offer services for Adults and Children

*Adolescence/ Teen Counseling Services

Teenagers can benefit from counseling services for many reasons; anxiety, depression, self esteem, family issues, feeling overwhelmed, peer pressure, and relationship issues.  One of our Licensed Professional Counselors can help your teenager with any of these issues, helping them develop life skills to manage their distress and support them in this journey.  

Counseling Services for Adults

*Couple Counseling Services

Couples may seek professional help at any stage in a relationship.  Some problems couples seek help may include sexual relationship problems, co-parenting issues, financial distress, and many other concerns a couple may face at different stages in their relationship.

Video Counseling is know by other names such as Online Counseling, Skype Counseling, TeleCounseling, and E-Counseling.  

Why video Counseling?

1.  It's convenient:

No more travel time to your counselor's office.

2.  It's private:

There is no running into someone you may know at your counselor's office.

3.  It's effective:

Studies have shown Video Counseling works just as well as in office visits.

How it works: 

You will need need a device such as computer, cell phone, or tablet, along with connection to Wi-Fi.

We use a HIPAA-Compliant video chat service called VSEE (similar to Skype).  VSEE is FREE TO YOU.

You would schedule your appointment with our office with our online scheduling program APPOINTY, or by phone letting our receptionist know you are wanting a video counseling session.

 Your counselor will send you an email request to connect with them via VSEE.  You will follow the steps to download the app. and and connect with your counselor.  IT'S THAT EASY!

(Note: You will need to call our office to check if your insurance will cover this service.)  Tia, our office manager will be glad to call your insurance company to see if they cover this service.


​*Individual Counseling Services 

 Individual Counseling can help with issues such  as depression, anxiety, relationship issues,  alcohol/drugs addiction, anger management,  grief, personal growth, and many more issues a  person may seek professional assistance by a  Licensed Professional Counselor. We see adults  of all ages.

* Animal Assisted Counseling Services:

Meet Blue.  She is our Animal Assisted Counseling Dog.  She has been trained specifically for assisting in the counseling process.  Her trainer is one of our Licensed Professional Counselors, Debra Schmitz.  If you would like to know more information about this program, please call or stop by our office to check out a brochure.  Even though Blue is highly sought after by children in services, she is also trained for assisting in adult therapy.    

*Family Counseling Services

Families will seek counseling for many issues to include blending family issues, parent/child conflict, transition issues with adjusting to new family system, and many more issues families may seek professional help working through a transition.

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