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 To help with issues such  as;



relationship issues,  addiction,

 anger management,


personal growth, and many more issues a  person may seek professional assistance.

Families will seek counseling for many issues to include blending family issues, parent/child conflict, transition issues with adjusting to new family system, and many more issues families may seek professional help working through a transition.

* Child Counseling Services:

We provide counseling services for children ages 3 years old and up.  Children face many issues:



adjustment to new blended family,




social adjustments, and many more issues.  

Couple Counseling:

Family Counseling:

Teen Counseling:

*Adolescence/ Teen Group Program

True Colors is a group program to help teens develop skills to manage emotions, leadership skills, and team building skills.  

Children  Counseling:

Video Counseling

Teen Group Counseling:

​Teenagers can benefit from counseling services for;



self esteem,

family issues,

feeling overwhelmed,

peer pressure, and relationship issues.  

Couples may seek professional help at any stage in a relationship.  Some problems couples seek help may include;

sexual relationship problems,

co-parenting issues, financial distress,

and many other concerns a couple may face at different stages in their relationship.

Lakeside Family Center, LLC

Individual Adult Counseling:

Why video Counseling?

1.  It's convenient:

No more travel time to your counselor's office.

2.  It's private:

There is no running into someone you may know at your counselor's office.

3.  It's effective:

Studies have shown Video Counseling works just as well as in office visits.

How it works: 

You will need need a device such as computer, cell phone, or tablet, along with connection to Wi-Fi.

We use a HIPAA-Compliant video chat service called VSEE (similar to Skype).  VSEE is FREE TO YOU.

Ask your counselor for more details or pick up a brochure in our lobby.

(Note: You will need to call our office to check if your insurance will cover this service.)  Most Blue Cross and Blue Shields and Cigna plans cover this service.