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Fees for Therapeutic Supervised Visitation:

Therapeutic Supervised  Visit Assessment:  $100 per visit/person
Therapeutic Supervised Visitation  $80.00 per hour

One of our Licensed Professional Counselors will provide specialized and intensive Supervision Services to families who need to strengthen or repair their relationship with their child(ren).

  This service is offered to families whereas court orders or recommendations have been made by professionals for visiting parent to have supervised visitation in a therapeutic setting, under the guidance and observation of a Licensed Professional Counselor. 

This service can be helpful for families who may be involved in high-risk custody and visitation cases, child(ren) who are resistant to visits with non-custodial parent, or child who may need emotional support during the visits by a Licensed Professional Counselor. 

This type of supervision is designed to provide children with a safe environment to meet with visiting parent(s) with the support of a Licensed Professional Counselor to help guide the visit to a successful interaction between visiting parent and child.  The degree of guidance needed may vary family to family. 

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