Peer Support Leaders who have graduated from level 2 will work as a team to develop projects that will benefit others in their community.

They will learn the following skills;

*How to work effectively as a team member

*How to develop ideas/concepts that will help others in the community

*How to ask for what one wants and set limits with others on a team.

They will develop the following advanced skills;

*Organizational skills

*Collaboration skills

*Assertiveness skills

*Team building skills

*Interpersonal skills

Preteens and teens work together in group therapy to develop the following skills;

*verbal and non-verbal communication skills such as facial expression, posture, tone, eye contact, and voice fluctuation.

*how to make friends

*how to deal with bulling

*how to recognize and set spacial boundaries such as asking for what one wants and saying no.

*how to manage emotions such as anger, anxiety, depression effectively.

True Colors is a group Program composed of up to a 3 group process whereas teens will need to complete a level in order to move to the next level.  Each level provides teens with specific skills to grow in their development of social and emotion regulation skills, leadership and citizenship skills.  Take a look at the following details to each level.  

Development of Leadership Skills

Development of Social and Emotion Regulation Skills

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Development of Citizenship in the community

(This is an advanced level skills group)

(Participants must have graduated from level 1 and 2)

Level 2

Level 3

Adolescents who graduate from Level 1 advance to become Peer Support Leaders.

They will develop leadership skills such as;

*Develop confidence

*Develop a vision

*Inspire others

*Provide instructions

*Organization skills

*Problem solving skills

Level 1

Two types of group are offered:  

Beginners Group:  Provides skills for pre-teens/teens (11 years and up) who need assistance to help them improve social skills, and/or have been diagnosed with Autism, Spectrum, learning or social limitations.  This group will help teens develop important life skills.

Advanced Group:  Provides teens (15 years and up) who need supports with managing emotions and/or wanting to develop skills to prepare them for the next steps in life such as employment or college.

We can let you know which group is right for you!

True Colors Program is a Group level system initiative to help preteens/teens build social skills, emotion regulation, leadership, and citizenship skills.  Each preteen/teen participant will obtain a certificate of completion of skills at the end of each level.  

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